Hi we are Josh and Katie the Delightful Vegans. We’ve come to entertain you with our travel and food adventures.  We have a vast range of plant based recipes designed for all skill levels. Our travels around the world are well documented on our blog posts and provide tips and inspiration to new and experienced adventurers. We know you’re going to enjoy your time viewing our content and invite you to interact with us via our website and social media hang outs.

More about Katie…
Katie - Discover Delightful Vegans

I love discovering new ingredients to work with and my recipes are always dairy free and vegan (some gluten free too).  I have an obsession with toasted sesame seeds and ginger. I also love persimmons, lychees, and lotus root. I’m originally from Melbourne but love life here on the Gold Coast. I unashamedly admit that I talk to my cat, Khali in a baby voice (anyone who knows me will attest to this!). I get in trouble at home for taking up too much space in the fridge and cupboard. I make a hell of a mess when I get in the kitchen, but I love it! I get a little (or sometimes a lot) silly if I have too much chocolate, tea or anything with sugar in it. My Vegan journey began about 12 years ago when I moved in with a friend Luke that was vegan. I didn’t really know much about veganism at the time, but living with Luke I discovered more about it, and the more I found out about it, the more it made complete sense to me. I’ve been through a few different vegan phases – the raw food, the detox, junk food, unhealthy vegan, but these days I like to keep it a bit more balanced and stick to a whole food vegan diet (with a few naughties thrown in every now and then  :-P) Since meeting Josh, my food photography has gone to the next level, and we complement each other in so many ways. I always loved getting creative in the kitchen, but I really feel I’ve accelerated my culinary adventures since Josh and I met. I’d like to show on this blog that vegan food can be easy and tasty, and inspire more people to cook vegan!

More about Josh…

Josh - Discover Delightful Vegans

Hi there. It’s me Josh. Well what can I say, I’ve always been an adventurous type. My excitements in life thus far have left me in an abundance of feeling states for which each I am very grateful for. Since merging my life with Katie, my passion for creativity and adventure has been propelled more than ever. When just a little person I was always using my mum’s film cameras. I purchased my first professional camera around February 2015. From there I began my journey to discover what kind of photography I enjoy most. I found myself exploring all avenues of photography and the one thing that surprised me was food photography. I am loving my life of food and travel and I am keen to share my journey here at Delightful Vegans with the other like minded people.