One Year with Viraltag

November 30, 2017
Google Analytics

One year with ViralTag! It has gone super quick and it’s time to fill everyone in on what happened in the last 12 months.

For those of you who are a bit clueless right now about what I am on about, I will fill you in on the basics. So ViralTag is a social media marketing tool. It will post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the Pinterest boards that you have joined. You can schedule posts, evergreen posts which keeps posting on your behalf whenever there is a gap between your scheduled posts to make sure traffic is always coming in.

Viraltag Schedule

So what has ViralTag done for us that is so amazing? Well, just before we began using this lovely social media marketing platform we were only getting a small 100 average page views a day to our blog. Of course the traffic lights began to turn green as we started sending out our recipe and travel links to our social media profiles. As you can imagine with the “evergreen” feature, the more content you have in there the better! Talk about endless posting on ripe schedules. In fact ViralTag even measures the most successful click rate times and schedules its evergreen posts within the same timeframe. Yep, this means even when we are in our deepest sleep, we’re still sending out fresh links to our blog.

Viraltag Evergreen

Skip ahead 6 months and we were achieving 300-500 page views a day which of course is a huge leap in page view performance in a short amount of time, especially for a relatively new blog. Well this gave us the courage to keep it going, not that we needed much courage to keep using ViralTag.

Alright, now skip ahead another 6 months. We’ve been using it for a whole year now and guess what? 1000-1500 page views a day! As you can imagine, the reach accomplished with the help of ViralTag is astonishing to say the least!

Google Analytics

I have a theory on how it works on a deeper level now compared to the last review six months ago as well. My thoughts are that because we drive so much traffic via social media to our blog (around 50% of our traffic is social media which is 90% done by ViralTag), we are always super popular with Google and its SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We have just under 10 recipes that we have discovered are either on the front page of the search results or at the very top search result in the entire world now. This means that thanks to ViralTag helping us achieve a great SEO score on Google, we are able to maintain a constant passive amount of traffic through Google search alone and that accounts for around another 50% of our traffic!

Apart from the obvious boost in page views, ViralTag is a huge timesaver. I’ve mentioned this before in a previous review that if we could post even a quarter amount of the time as ViralTag does for us, manually, we would not have time to create any other content and maybe have to skip a few meals as well!

ViralTag has definitely been our website’s best friend and seeing it priced for bloggers at $9.99 per month with a 14 day trial is a treasure box just waiting to be opened. It has been six months since the last review of ViralTag and we both can only sing praises for it. I definitely think the traffic light is stuck on green for us now.

Please share with us the ways which you have found that increase a steady amount of traffic to your website/blog in the comments below!

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