Viraltag – Social Media Management Tool Review

October 16, 2016
Viraltag - Social Media Management Tool Review

Woweeee.. Both Katie and I have never been so happy to be “stuck” in traffic before!

We’ve been using Viraltag for two weeks now with their free trial. What we both have experienced is a steady push in traffic to our blog 24/7. When I first heard about third party social media visual delivery software I thought to myself, hmm seems like something I could just do manually myself and save some cash. Yeah you could, though you would only match the pageviews performance of Viraltag if you were obsessively interested in social media and I am not talking about the Facebook scrollers, I am getting at posting every hour without sleeping for the rest of your life. Not even Neo from the Matrix movie hung around his computer waiting for an answer for that amount of time!

Viraltag - Social Media Management Tool Review

What even is Viraltag then?

Well Viraltag is exactly what I thought we could do without. Until of course we tried the trial. It came as a sudden realisation quite early on, first day if I recall that this is something pretty awesome and that was before we even checked the analytics!

Viraltag - Social Media Management Tool Review

Viraltag will post to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all Pinterest boards all for you by just writing one post about it. Just one. A one off, forever! You can choose to Evergreen your post and it will fill in the blanks for times you have not rescheduled alternative posts to any social platform. Basically this will take over the repetitive part of your life for you. Just give it some quick and easy instructions and off it goes with unlimited battery life. Its only purpose is to serve you like a god/goddess!

Viraltag - Social Media Management Tool Review

What about the alternative software to do the same stuff?

Great question! Well, after realising that an automated social media marketing way of life is much more desirable for us being creative people we decided to see what else was on offer feature and price wise. We gave Co-Schedule and Tailwind a shot. Off the bat, we didn’t like Co-Schedule at all. It was hard to even get past their forced tutorial and begin using their software. I had no excitement at all to keep going with it, not to mention it wasn’t a cheaper option either! That leaves Tailwind. Great name, really love it! Cool icon too. Tailwind has a beautiful interface and an attractive price. The only issue we have with it is that it only supports Pinterest. We would have gladly used Tailwind had it supported the rest of our social platforms.

Viraltag - Social Media Management Tool Review

Performance Booster

We’ve experienced it! Our blog is still quite new. Around 6 months old now. Before Viraltag we were seeing around 80-100 pageviews a day and that was work! We were pushing social media manually as best we could! Using Viraltag seems like cheating in a video game. Once you start you cannot stop! Seeing our traffic go into the 300 average views a day just in the first couple of days using it was quite unbelievable. We’ve been able to hone in on the best places to post and learned a lot about what gets traffic and what doesn’t just from analysing while being stuck in traffic!


Delightful Vegans blog has a strong presence in the USA. Let it be known that we are based in Australia so the USA requires absurd social media marketing hours to gain attention from other timezones. Thankfully Viraltag allows us to post at the most effective times around the world at our most preferred times using their optimized scheduling feature. Another game changer for us is being able to send out a bunch of posts to different Social Platforms and Pinterest Boards with a time interval between each post. This allows us to spread our presence throughout the day and also appear less spammy and annoying for our readers. Every day the traction on our site is improving without really much effort required at all. I wouldn’t have the time to write this review had I been pushing my effort as hard as I was before Viraltag. This leads me to have a more balanced lifestyle, away from the computer, back in my creative charging zones.

If this sounds intriguing to you, why not give it a shot? You have nothing to lose with the FREE 14 day trial


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